Pet Businesses


Dog Tree – helping your dog branch out
Dogtree is a free service that connects dog owners in their own neighbourhood to pair up their lonely pooches for playdates. It’s a simple concept which makes sense. With so many solo dogs stuck at home for hours on end, your dog need not be starved of company. Other members organise walks and share dog sitting, while many set up groups to arrange meetings at their local park or beach. Some simply sign up to make friends with like-minded people, swap information and chat, and post photos of their dog to show the world.

Michaels Custom Scratching Posts
Welcome to Michael’s Custom Scratching Posts – I design and sell quality built pre-made and custom made-to-order cat scratching posts made from durable, hard-wearing materials. Read more about my Scratch Posts here. In addition, I donate 10% of all profits from my business to the Pets Haven Animal Shelter, a pro-life animal shelter in Woodend, Victoria, Australia.

Paw Club – Australia’s community to keeping your dog healthy & happy

PawClub is a Pfizer Australia Animal Health initiative dedicated to helping pet owners better care for their animals. Our focus is to provide reliable, unbiased, up to date information and tools to help dogs stay happy and healthy. PawClub’s mission is to become Australia’s most loved online pet owner community, where people with similar interests can learn, share and connect with each other every day to better care for their animals.