I’m dog crazy. I know that. People tell me all the time, unless they’re dog crazy too, in which case we just talk about our dogs until we run out of time… So it was no surprise several years ago that I changed from photographer to PET photographer. Not long after that my husband and I moved across Australia from Melbourne to Perth then four and a half years later, across the world to the Netherlands where we lived for two years and now, back in glorious Melbourne, Australia. No matter where we go I find amazing pet loving people who really understand that pets are family.

Pets have always been a part of my life, as has photography. As a 12 year old kid I was posing and photographing the family dog, a whippet called Nikki. It was all film back then and was a very expensive hobby. Eventually my Dad told me very gently that “we probably have enough photos of the dog now”. I wasn’t deterred and used to click away without any film in the camera. I was hooked!

When I was 22 I completed a Diploma of Applied Photography at NMIT in Melbourne. In 2008 I began volunteering at an animal shelter in Woodend, the Pets Haven Foundation and it was then I knew what I wanted to do – combine my love of animals and my love of photography. A dog training course with the Delta Society helped me learn about dog and cat behaviour and these are skills I use every day.

We now live in Melbourne, Australia with our two Romanian ex-street dogs Byron and Foxy and two cats, Brucey and Lady, who are all rescue pets. My husband and I are huge supporters of animal rescue and hope that more and more people see how wonderful rescue pets are.

I love what I do but really, who wouldn’t love being around people and their gorgeous, cute, cuddly, fun, furry family members? The best part is photographing these “fur-kids” and helping to show them off by creating personalised art to celebrate them. I hope I can do it for you too.

– Kate