Rescue groups and shelters all over the world are working hard every day to save the lives of homeless dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and more. One of the best things about being a photographer, is being able to help them. K9Kate supports the following rescue organisations in order to help raise funds, awareness and the profiles of individual dogs and cats who need new homes. All of the images above are of rescue dogs and cats whose wonderful foster carers brought them into the studio to be photographed for the purpose of helping to find them a home. Please click on each logo to learn more about these amazing organisations. If you are with a rescue group who could benefit from some professional portraits of your adoptable dogs or small animals please get in touch.

The Netherlands


Dierenambulance and Hospital Den Haag was established in 1972 and is the oldest animal ambulance in the Netherlands. Performing approximately 17,500 ambulance trips every year, their service is vital to the wild and companion animals of The Hague and their owners. If an animal has been injured on the road, neglected, abandoned, found ill or injured, Dierenambulance Den Haag will come to the rescue!

Haags Dierencentrum
Stichting Haags Dierencentrum (HDC) has a capacity of around 350 cats and 85 dogs and is one of the largest shelters in the Netherlands. It’s also the oldest shelter, and has been giving sanctuary to homeless cats and dogs in the region of The Hague since 1877. With a team of a professional staff and more than 100 highly motivated volunteers, they offer a loving environment for approximately 1,800 cats and dogs yearly. Even older animals or those with medical or behavioural problems are welcome. With the expertise of veterinarians, caregivers and behaviourists these animals also get a second chance.


Other wonderful rescue organisations Kate has worked with in the past include:

Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue
Little PAWS Rescue Perth
9 Lives Cat Rescue
Rottweiler Rescue WA
Animal Protection Society of Western Australia
CJ Animal Rescue
Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue

HeARTs Speak

K9Kate is a member of HeARTs Speak, an amazing organisation that “uses the power of art to effect social change”. They unite artists with shelters and animal relief organisations in order to save the lives of animals and better the lives of people.